Changes in CTP in 2019 (as amended on 06/01/2019)

Fireproof KBM and the minimum tariff, regardless of the number of insurance, are probably the main changes in OSAGO in 2019 that car owners were waiting for!

And also – an electronic euro protocol and increased regressive arbitrariness of insurers!

Such large-scale changes in OSAGO were not long ago. Many are contradictory, and some are premature, but this is a fait accompli and let’s get to know them in more detail …

Changes in OSAGO from January 1, 2019

Starting January 9, 2019, the Central Bank gave insurance companies the right to raise or lower the insurance rate by 20%.From January 9, 2019, the coefficient for the age and length of service of the driver (PIC) will be calculated in a new way.

If before there were 4 levels, then it became 58 . ( Farewell to the transparency of the calculation, you will not be able to calculate it yourself! )

The cost of the policy for inexperienced and young drivers will increase. ( What did you expect from them? )

And for drivers with experience and trouble-free driving, the tariff will be reduced by 2 times ( Fresh legend, but hard to believe )

Changes in OSAGO from April 1, 2019

From April 01, 2019, KBM will be re-calculated:

Now KBM will be calculated for all car owners inscribed in the CTP policy once a year – April 1.

Yes, yes, earlier KBM was calculated at each conclusion or renewal of an insurance contract.From April 1, 2019 , if the driver is inscribed in several OSAGO policies, then at the conclusion of the contract the smallest KBM will be applied. ( And this is cool! )

Innovation for organizations. From April 1, a single KBM for all vehicles registered with the organization.

And everyone was waiting for this innovation! Now KBM is not reset, even if you did not buy the policy for 2 years or more. All information will be stored in a single database and recalculated every year on April 1.

Minus the changes. The coefficient for policies with an unlimited number of drivers increased to 1.87, and before that it was 1.8.

Hence the conclusion that a policy with a limited number of persons admitted to management will be cheaper.From April 2, 2019, insurers receive the right to independently choose an insurance company when applying for an insurance policy through E-Guarantor.

Prior to this, the system itself offered the insurer of its choice and the policyholder could not change it.

Basically, insurers were selected who did not have offices in the region of the insured and, accordingly, there was nowhere to turn to for the settlement of losses and they had to conduct mail correspondence.

Changes in CTP from June 1, 2019

Since June 01, 2019, Europrotocol is allowed to issue if one participant in an accident is a vehicle registered in a foreign country, but subject to the availability of a green card, clause 1.1. Art. 11.1 Federal Law No. 40.On June 1, 2019, a new “laying” appeared in disputes between the insured and the insurer, called – the financial representative.

Under the new rules, if the insurance company does not satisfy the claim of the victim of an accident, then now the victim must contact the financial representative before going to court.

If the financial agent does not resolve the dispute, then the victim goes to court. ( What the hell is it for? For me it will delay the time by tens of days! What do you think? Write your opinion … )From June 01, 2019, the following will be entitled to compensation payments:

  • Injured
  • Beneficiaries
  • The person who carried out direct compensation for losses for the insurer (in the event of a license revocation or insurer bankruptcy) clause 6 Art. 14.1 Federal Law No. 40
  • The heirs
  • Any person acting in the interests of the victim, on the basis of a power of attorney certified by a notary or the head of the medical institution where the victim is in hospital

From June 1, 2019, the deadline for filing a lawsuit in the court to receive compensation payments has changed for the following reasons:

  • if the insurer is declared bankrupt;
  • the license was revoked from the insurer;
  • the culprit fled the scene of the accident and was not found;
  • if the culprit does not have an accident insurance policy.

Clauses 1 and 2 of Federal Law No. 40

Compensation payments are transferred to the bank account indicated in the appendix to the statement of claim.From June 01, 2019 , if the RSA (professional association of insurers) does not pay compensation payments on time, it will be required to pay a penalty of 1% for each day of delay, but no more than the amount payable

Mandatory pre-trial settlement. Before filing a claim, the victim must send a complaint to the RSA with the application of supporting documents. The term for its consideration is 20 days.

According to the results of the consideration, either payment is made, or a motivated refusal of clause 3 of art. 19 Federal Law No. 40

The PCA, when making a compensation payment, collects its amount in recourse from the culprit of the accident.

Changes in OSAGO from September 1, 2019

From September 1, 2019, the  Europrotocol can be compiled online through the State Services portal.

If now you need to fill out forms, then by September 1, the Central Bank will develop an electronic document form and determine the cases in which it will be filled out.Point 2 of Art. 11.1 Federal Law No. 40.

Changes in OSAGO from October 29, 2019

From October 29, 2019, it will be possible not to carry the printed MTPL policy, it will be enough to present it on the smartphone screen.

A paper policy will also need to be carried with you. Paragraph 1 of Art. 32 Federal Law No. 40.From October 29, 2019, the list of paragraphs of Art. 14 of theFederal Law No. 40, according to which the insurer may present a recourse claim to the culprit of the accident:

– the culprit of the accident refused a medical examination for alcohol and (or) drug intoxication.

And also with the use of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances immediately after an accident before the end of the paperwork.

– damage to a vehicle with a trailer, but there is no mark on this in the MTPL policy. The exception is cars with a trailer registered for an individual.

At the same time, the insurer must not submit recourse claims if:

– the culprit of the accident did not send the Euro-protocol form filled out with the victim within 5 working days.

– the health of the pedestrian was affected, regardless of what damage was caused to the vehicle. In addition, if a pedestrian died as a result of an accident, then the insurer will not be able to present recourse claims to heirs or immediate relatives. Paragraph 5 of Art. 14 Federal Law No. 40.From October 29, 2019, insurers will receive the right to reinsure their obligations under the CTP insurance agreement with another insurer.

In simple terms, if your insurer is not able to make insurance payments for some reason beyond your control, then another insurer (reinsurer) will pay for it.

Of all the changes, in my opinion, only the fireproof MSC and the limitation of insurers’ regressive appetites will be useful. What do you think? Express your opinion in the comments .

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