How many days can I go without motor third party liability insurance

From the article you will find out how many days you can ride without insurance, whether the period depends on the place and method of buying a car, whether it is worth filling out motor third party liability insurance at a car dealership

When buying a car, you should not only have a driver’s license, but clearly understand your responsibilities.

This applies primarily to CTP – this type of insurance is required for each motorist.

However, to issue it on the day of purchase is not always possible. Therefore, many ask how many days you can ride without insurance, is this not a violation of the law.

We will dwell on this topic in detail and find out whether it is possible to operate the machine only with a sales contract and for how long.

How many days can I go without insurance

You will become the full owner of the purchased car only after its registration, and you will be able to register the car only after receiving the “auto-citizens” policy drawn up in your name.

Federal Law No. 40-FZ obliges the buyer to purchase a CTP policy within 10 days from the date of purchase, only after that he will be able to register the car for himself.

The same prescription applies to those who do not buy a car at a car dealership or from a previous owner, but get it for temporary use, economic management.

In other words, everyone who sits behind the wheel of a vehicle is required to insure their motor civil liability.

Those who will manage the car by proxy can simply be inscribed in the insurance document already drawn up for the vehicle owner. Those who acquire the car in the property, this is not possible.

However, the law allows you to drive a car for 10 days without the presence of a “citizen”, using the contract of sale.

The driver needs to remember the following: if during this time period he becomes the culprit of the accident, then he will be responsible for the compensation of the damage caused.

Car insurance

Car insurance

If you purchase a new vehicle, then the registration of the policy will be offered to you directly at the car dealership.

When the buyer does not know exactly how many days you can ride without insurance, he will easily believe the convincing speeches of a car dealership employee and buy an insurance service along with the car itself.

Often, car dealerships earn extra money by brokerage, and it is beneficial for them to include insurance products in the purchase price. In addition to “auto-citizens,” you can also be imposed with hull insurance, and this can hurt your wallet.

A motor hull is the necessary insurance product that will provide your new car with insurance coverage, however this type of insurance is voluntary, and the decision to conclude an agreement with the insurer is made only by you.

Remember that you have 10 days in reserve to find the best solution for concluding contracts of mandatory “citizenship” and voluntary hull insurance.

You have the right to refuse the services of a car dealership and look for a more convenient and cheaper option yourself.

If you buy a car in another locality, and the path to the place of permanent registration takes more than 10 days, then it is most advisable to purchase a temporary CTP for 20 or more days.

Should I pull with compulsory insurance

Regardless of the place and method of acquiring a car, you have the right to use it without compulsory motor third-party liability insurance for the entire 10 days, but be sure to have an agreement with the date of purchase of the vehicle.

However, it is in your interests to contact the insurer for the policy as early as possible:

  • firstly, you will quickly register a car and become its full owner,
  • secondly, you will get insurance support from the company of your choice and get rid of the need to pay compensation for the damage you caused in the event of an accident.

Some motorists take advantage of the trick, which allows them to delay the purchase of a policy of “citizenship” for a long period of time.

They simply rewrite their contract of sale, put down the current date in it and get a new opportunity to travel another 10 days for completely legitimate reasons.

The negative sides of this decision are as follows:

  1. The vehicle will still be registered in the name of the previous owner.
  2. If there are traffic violations, fines will be received by the previous owner of the car.
  3. In the event of an accident, you will pay for the repair of someone else’s car damaged by you from your budget.

As you can see, the option of delaying the registration of a motor liability policy is not too good. In addition, each time you have to redo documents and meet with the previous owner of the car to get his signature.  

Now you know how many days you can ride without insurance.

We recommend that you get OSAGO as quickly as possible so that in the event of a traffic accident you can shift the responsibility for paying compensation for damage to another motorist to the insurer.

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