List of MTPL insurance companies online. 50 companies applying for an electronic policy

The list of insurance companies issuing an electronic insurance policy online insurance thins! There were 64 companies, 50 remained ( see list ). Insurers flee from the OSAGO market, like rats from a sinking ship! On the PCA website, 50 companies are announced from which you can buy an electronic CTP insurance policy via the Internet. With so many companies […]

Is it possible to register a car without insurance and other questions about a car

Is it possible to register a car without insurance, what needs to be prepared, how to check compulsory motor liability insurance, recommendations for car owners. Registration of a car is a troublesome business, especially when it comes to collecting the necessary documents. Not everyone knows which papers should be brought to the traffic police and whether […]

Pretrial claim to the insurance company under compulsory motor liability insurance.

Before filing a lawsuit, you need to send a pre-trial claim to the insurance company for OSAGO. It is sent to the address of the organization or its representative Traffic accidents are an eternal problem. It becomes less unpleasant when insurance is issued. However, there are cases when the victim is dissatisfied with the payments, did not receive […]