Is it possible to register a car without insurance and other questions about a car

Is it possible to register a car without insurance, what needs to be prepared, how to check compulsory motor liability insurance, recommendations for car owners.

Registration of a car is a troublesome business, especially when it comes to collecting the necessary documents. Not everyone knows which papers should be brought to the traffic police and whether it is possible to register a car without insurance.

You will learn the answers to all questions from the article. But in any case, you will need a MTPL policy, because this type of insurance is considered in our country to be mandatory for all drivers, without exception.

Car registration: is it possible to register a car without insurance

The answer to this question will be unequivocal: this is impossible, since a vehicle needs a whole package of documents for registration of a vehicle, which should also include an insurance policy.

Consider the process of registering a car. We remind you that it is only necessary for the owner to communicate with a specific vehicle, but the registration of his vehicle does not affect his ownership of this vehicle.

First of all, you need to make a request to the traffic police. Call the office by phone or sign up to receive services via the Internet.

Prepare all the necessary documents for registration:

  1. Title
  2. confirmation of ownership of the vehicle,
  3. general passport
  4. CTP policy (mandatory at the time of registration),
  5. receipt of payment of duty.

As you can see, the list shows OSAGO, which means you cannot register a car without insurance. You need to buy a policy in advance, and this obligation of the car owner is prescribed in the current legislation.

Currently, many companies offer insurance services. However, not everyone can be considered trustworthy and trustworthy of the insured. Therefore, each driver must be able to check the policies for authenticity.

How to check the policy

Selling fake and invalid policies is against the law, and any insurance company or insurance broker can be severely punished for such a crime. However, policyholders who have paid money for a fake document may suffer from this.

Currently, the following types of vehicle checks are available to the motorist:

  • to theft
  • for arrest
  • to participate in an accident,
  • number of owners
  • vehicle history,
  • by VIN code
  • for the authenticity of OSAGO.

You can verify the authenticity of the insurance policy by visual inspection.

The main features of this document are:

  • textured paper
  • 10 digit individual number,
  • metal thread embedded in paper,
  • water marks,
  • the presence of elements illuminated by a UV lamp.

In case of any doubts, the insured should contact the insurance company whose policy he bought directly. Its employees are required to conduct an examination and issue an opinion.

What else is worth considering

When registering a car, remember the following important recommendations:

  • Prepare all the necessary documentation in advance to save time and nerves.
  • A motor hull policy is not required to register a car. It is only needed for your own insurance in case of damage or theft of the car.
  • Inspection must be carried out in a certified service, then in case of any breakdown during this period, a car service will fix the problem for free.

Now you know whether it is possible to register a car without insurance and what you need to register your car.

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