Limit of liability under compulsory motor liability insurance. Unjustified minimalism.

The Law “On CTP” has mutilated the liability limit for CTP. The innovation applies to both individuals and legal entities.

CTP Liability Limit

Car insurance is a procedure for any driver who values ​​his own property and is ready to receive compensation in case of undesirable consequences.

Starting in April, the Law on OSAGO for drivers was updated, increasing the liability limit for OSAGO. The innovation applies to both individuals and legal entities.

Now, if during the occurrence of an accident damage is caused to human health, then the maximum amount of insurance will be up to 500 000 p. An accident where several cars were injured at once will be calculated on the same amount for each person separately.

Death during a collision is estimated by cash security for close relatives in the amount of 25,000 rubles, deducted from insurance payments in case of an accident. There are a number of other differences, as well as pitfalls from companies.

 Insurance Compensation: The Difference of the Past from the Present

Damage caused during accidents often strikes owners ’wallets, but does not compare with what costs the insurance company’s budget could incur if each of the victims received payments exceeding the cost of the car.

For this reason, a liability limit was introduced for compulsory motor third-party liability insurance, the maximum amount of which has already suffered several changes.

By comparing together the statistics of the maximum amount of the insurance payment until October 2014 and after the innovation from the beginning of April 2015, it is possible to visually compare the numbers and see the difference:

  • Property damage to cars of several victims, valued up to 160 tr, after – 400 tr to each;
  • Damage to property with one victim was provided with insurance up to 120 tr, after – 400 tr .;
  • Damage to human health was previously paid up to 160 tr, after – 500 tr

 2018 Compensation Limit

The possibility of reimbursement without a lengthy trial with the culprit is the advantage of insurance.

Indeed, calm is characteristic of self-confident people who are not lost in difficult circumstances: having an insurance policy in their hands, the innocent has no reason to worry.

N and 2018 sizes on MTPL liability limit prescribed in the legal acts of the Civil Code, namely – the Federal Law №40.

  • The accident caused minor or significant harm to the health of the victim . In this case, compensation is provided up to 500,000 rubles to each victim, regardless of their number.
  • Damage to the car during an accident. After assessing the damage caused, the injured party (or several) receives up to 400,000 rubles.
  • Restorative repair services are paid up to 50,000 rubles.
  • Fatal accident. Relatives of the injured third party can receive state support for the funeral in the amount of up to 475,000 rubles.
  • Insurance payment without traffic police for a special Euro-protocol . This type is estimated at 50,000 rubles.

 Compensation: how to get the maximum

Although companies issuing policies even work according to an updated legislative system, where the amount of security for victims has increased, but not everyone succeeds in obtaining the maximum insurance payment for compulsory motor liability insurance. Moreover, citizens are often paid the minimum amount.

The situation under consideration is connected with the fact that during the assessment of damage caused due to a collision, the company takes into account the number of injured, the depreciation of property, and, in cases where an accident has been fatal, the number of deaths.

Appraisers are in the habit of not exceeding the minimum amount of compensation when it comes to drivers of domestic cars. As a result, the money the car owner receives is not enough to ensure a quality repair, not to mention a full recovery.

Of course, it is better to reach an agreement with the insurer outside the court, but if they are not going to compromise, they will have to sue. In this case, the victim will have to pay an independent examination in order to provide the appraiser’s report as evidence.

If you are sure that the insurer underestimated insurance payments, then immediately prepare a claim to the insurer and prepare yourself for doing business in court. Remember that the main task of insurance companies involved in compulsory motor liability insurance is to safeguard the interests of their own clients.

A collision on the road makes even the most daring person nervous, because no one can ever predict a similar outcome.

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