What is the difference between CTP and CASCO – all the nuances of two types of car insurance

From the article you will learn how OSAGO differs from CASCO, what risks cover policies, how compensation payments are made, do you need insurance at all Auto insurance includes two options for providing insurance coverage: CASCO and CTP. Many motorists confuse these concepts and do not understand in what cases they can count on compensation, and […]

CTP insurance payment – size, terms, payment procedure

Sooner or later, the motorist is concerned with the question – what is the insurance premium for OSAGO and is it profitable to use the services of insurance companies? The attention of customers is attracted by timely payments and the absence of delays that affect the already tense situation during a violation of the integrity […]

Is it possible to register a car without insurance and other questions about a car

Is it possible to register a car without insurance, what needs to be prepared, how to check compulsory motor liability insurance, recommendations for car owners. Registration of a car is a troublesome business, especially when it comes to collecting the necessary documents. Not everyone knows which papers should be brought to the traffic police and whether […]

Pretrial claim to the insurance company under compulsory motor liability insurance.

Before filing a lawsuit, you need to send a pre-trial claim to the insurance company for OSAGO. It is sent to the address of the organization or its representative Traffic accidents are an eternal problem. It becomes less unpleasant when insurance is issued. However, there are cases when the victim is dissatisfied with the payments, did not receive […]

How many days can I go without motor third party liability insurance

From the article you will find out how many days you can ride without insurance, whether the period depends on the place and method of buying a car, whether it is worth filling out motor third party liability insurance at a car dealership When buying a car, you should not only have a driver’s license, […]

Changes in CTP in 2019 (as amended on 06/01/2019)

Fireproof KBM and the minimum tariff, regardless of the number of insurance, are probably the main changes in OSAGO in 2019 that car owners were waiting for! And also – an electronic euro protocol and increased regressive arbitrariness of insurers! Such large-scale changes in OSAGO were not long ago. Many are contradictory, and some are premature, […]